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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 17, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> resident force from the their homes and into the colds as flares tear through south jersey apartment complex. hear from some who say it wasn't the fire alarms that woke them up. >> plus this: >> hillary, please run again you. >> heard it, there wild press conference in the rose garden as president trump challenge hillary clinton to run for president, but it is actually what he said about barack obama that has the former president's aids fired up. >> and chilly start to your tuesday morning, as we look live at center city from our cbs-3 studios, parts of the area are even under a frost advisory, chelsea is here,
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with what is shaping up to be a pleasant week of weather. welshing today is tuesday, october 17th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie is off today. chelsea is here. and meisha is keeping an eye on things. >> happy tuesday, don't you just love tuesday's? >> if it is closer to friday, yes, dow. >> looking outside, just a lot of construction, good news, dry roadways, and no accident so far this morning. >> yes, those roadways will stay completely dry. not just today, meisha, for the next several days. we have a dry stretch of weather headed our way. but it is a chilly start, you guys, just got to step outside feel the chill in the air. frost advisory is in effect, this is until the 9:00 hour, this morning. so, that's an area point north and west of philadelphia, also , including portions every south jersey. because of these temperatures, 30's, 40's out there, 42 degrees right now in philadelphia, no doubt about it, fall is here. 40 degrees in wilmington, upper 30s right now reading,
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we're at 32 degrees currently in mount pocono. it is right around 40 degrees in allentown, we have the winds coming out of the north and west, filtering in the chillier air, allowed temperatures to drop significantly compared to this time yesterday. 19 degrees colder, right here in philadelphia, so, planning out your day today, won't warm up all that much, in fact, high temperatures upper 50's, lower 60s, but across the board see tons every sunday shine, will see slow warming trend though throughout the week. i'll have details coming up on that in a bit. meisha? >> sound good, chelsey, thank you so much. anyone who was stuck in traffic yesterday knows that those wet roadways really slowed us down. what we're seeing is kind of the renmant that far kind of pushing in today, not because it is wet outside, very dry, chelsey said, but because it was so busy yesterday already starting to see things kind of heat up out there. quick peak at the ben franklin bridge. ben franklin bridge, jersey friends, looking good. looking real nice. push from jersey, westbound over the bridge, into center city. now some of the construction project starting to clear right now. schuylkill eastbound between conshohocken curve and belmont
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avenue. that right lane still compromised, looks like crews are out there get that pushed out of our way. 422, looking at some construction both directions, eastbound, and westbound between westbound between first avenue and trooper, eastbound between first and route 23. that's now all since been cleared. so looking good there. construction bucks county, also had it both directions northbound, southbound, that has already been cleared. but you can see, some flashing light out there. but really that's moving out of the way. also we have some construction on the platt bridge, eastbound direction, that has also been cleared when you can see the censor map looking all green, he can actually where we want to keep you until hopefully the 6:00 hour. see what happens today. then pulling to your attention this new ramp opening from that long with standing construction project on 95. that opens this afternoon. so, new ramps, from richmond street, to 95 northbound, opens this afternoon. we talked a little about that yesterday. talking about it again today. it is going it reopen probably hopefully easing little bit of tension around the area. that's the good news for those of you that do take that ramp.
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construction pa turnpike eastbound and westbound, bensalem, intermittent lane closures until around 7:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. fire officials trying to figure out with a sparked overnight blaze inside cherry hill apartment complex. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, liver at the scene, where trang, some resident say they're lucky to be alive. good morning. >> well, good morning, a hell, jim. yes, ma'am, they say the smoke alarms in their individual apartments did not go off. they say that their neighbors in at least one case, their pet, alerted them to the actual fire. still, everyone managed to get out safely. but let's take a look all the way up here. you can see, the fifth floor apartment where the fire started all of that extensive damage as well as the apartment on the six floor just above, also damaged. now, paramedics did take one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but other than that, no serious injuries in this fire. but, take a look at this video of the scene overnight. this fire started around 11:40 l apartment on cooper landing
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road in cherry hill. when firefighters arrived, resident evacuating from the building. the fire chief says it started in a fifth floor apartment, spread to neighboring apartment, then traveled up to a third apartment on the six floor. the fire eventually roast to three alarms, but crews got it under control in about 40 minute. jamie wallace, who lives in the building, says her cat saved her from the fire. >> i was on the six floor. i just had fallen asleep. i'm one above where the flyer is, i was asleep, my cat attack, kept pulling at me face, had never done that before. so i said what's going on? i didn't hear any -- you couldn't hear anything, there was no way to hear the smoke alarms weren't even that loud. so when i opened my door is when i smelled the smoke. >> and again, taking another live look at the damage, again , three unit in this apartment building were damaged by this fire. most everyone else, though, is back inside their ants. no word on a cause. but for now live in cherry hill, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "
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eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, trang for that update. >> citizens in monroe township monroe county back in school today. six schools from the monroe township districts were closed for mold testing and clean up after mold was found at holly gwen elementary. holly glenn and whitehall elementary will closed until further notice, and student are being relocate today other schools in the district. student at philadelphia john b kelly elementary school will not be going back today, mold clean up continues at their school. says kelly elementary will reopen tomorrow instead. school has been closed since thursday after mold found in several classrooms last week. contamination is being blamed on the school's heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. >> well, wilmington police are questioning a mother as they continue their investigation into the death of her two children. yesterday morning, police responded to the 800 block of west ninth street after a 911 call. when officers arrived at the house, they found the bodies
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of both boys, one was five years old, the other was a few month old. >> officers met the mother outside, and entered the location, and actually saw two children that were deceased. had a strong smell of gas, actually back everyone out, cleared the building. >> now, there is no word yet for the medical examiner on the cause of death. >> the search is on for wawa custom here was caught on camera toss ago scalding hot coffee at a clerk. the attack happened last friday, at the wawa, in the 1300 block every east erie avenue in philadelphia's juniata section. neither the staff or officials would elaborate on what led up to the assault. if you recognize the suspect, please contact police. >> president trump plans to deliver what the white cause calls major speech on tax reform, address is before the heritage foundation, yesterday , the president had a political fence mending session with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. as seth lemon report, the
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working on the same agenda. >> there was hardly a topic president trump didn't touch with reporters at the white house monday afternoon. but, before addressing any of them, he insisted alongside senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that after month of back and forth bickering, the two are on good terms. >> despite what we read, we're probably now, i think, at least as far as i'm concerned, closer than ever before. >> we have signed agenda, been friends, acquaintances for a long time. >> on tax reform, the president said it will get done by the ends of the year. next week, he plans to announce an economic development bill, and will declare a national emergency regarding opioid. but the comment instantly started drawing the most backlash is claims, past president didn't reach out to the families of fallen soldiers, as he does. >> if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls , a lot of them didn't make calls. >> former obama aids
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immediately shot down that assertion, among them, former attorney general, eric holder, who tweeted in part along with the w this photograph: i went to dover air force bass with 44 and saw him comfort the families every the fallen military and dea. president trump mid the comment in response to the questions on why he hasn't yet made a public statement regarding the four where a's killed in a ambush two weeks ago. set lemon, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well, they already have cameras in their cars, and on their vests, now police could get cameras on their guns. we'll explain. >> also ahead, we have update on california's deadly wild fires already blamed for more than 40 death. and billions of dollars in damage. finds out what california's governor is saying now. >> plus: stars colliding in outer space, the impact so violent, sent ripples through space time. this isn't science fiction. we will tell but this dramatic discovery. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> how about this? the impact of the stars were so dramatic, it is actually created element. we'll brick it all down and explain when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ when you're a double-dipping like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds
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on high-priced meals and other gifts. we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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>> so feeling a little dizzy yet? looking at nasa animation showing spectacular collision of two neutrons stars, witnessed by earth, scientists say the collision emitted electromagnetic waves and space time ripples theorized by albert inch stein, and scattered heavy element like golds and platinum across the universe. >> looks unreal. >> dozens are dead and many still missing as wild fires continue to tear through california. >> flames have destroyed thousands of billions, caused billions of dollars in damage. here is correspondent john loyer glenn firefighters in california set up a us flag. found in the rubble after home burned by wild fires. they decided to set it up and use it as an inspiration to keep moving forward. a week has passed since several wild fires broke out
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in northern california, at least 41 deaths are confirmed, and many are still missing in areas like sonoma county. >> so we sent the national guard n they provided us with several hundred, have been excellent about this, because we need people. they're trained to do. >> this they walk through. they search. we don't want to miss a person >> there are currently 15 major wild fires in california , that scorched more than 217,000 acres. destroying nearly 6,000 structures. in a tweet, state senator mike mcguire says the fires have done at least $3 billion in damage, and counting. meanwhile, doctors say, increase in patient with breathing problems. >> we think about 400 additional due to the poor air quality and direct smoke inhalation. >> but, crews say, they're cautiously optimistic about the progress made. >> we're getting a lot more black line on these fires, our containment percentages are
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continuing to go up. >> and mother nature may soon lends a hand, the national weather service is calling for rain later this week, which will help with the flames. john loyer ends, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> they're going to be getting some rain in, but we'll enjoy some nice weather what i understand. >> not nice yesterday. look at the bug it, says 44 degrees. that's winter. >> we've been spoiled. >> some people are ready to throw on the jacket, and some people are ready to turn on the seat warmers to start out their day, start out their morning, but definately chilly start out there. let's take you right now to live look, at the city, looking at the live neighborhood network, from palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, very quiet morning , a dry morning, definately a different situation compared to yesterday. and today overall it is just going to be completely different. we have frost advisory in place this morning, through about 9:00 a.m. north and west every philadelphia, also, including portions every south jersey, but then, tons of sunshine, it is going to feel like a fall
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afternoon, and that will be followed by, yes, another very chilly night on tap. forty-two greets right now in philadelphia. we're in the 30's, in reading, and 37 degrees, 39 in lancaster, and mount pocono right around 32. forty in allentown, we will find 39 degrees in trenton, right around 40 down the shore in atlantic city. it is 43 degrees currently in wildwood. so, very chilly start indeed. thanks to those winds coming out of the north and west, high pressure in control. and it is going to stay in control for the next several days. into the extended outlook. i'll show that you on the seven day forecast, but it will provide us with tons of sunshine, across the board, and then also, we'll have a week of low humidity, and also , as i mentioned, another chilly night is going to be moving on in. so here is a look at what you can expected to. 61 degrees. we'll see slow warming trends, throughout the week. as high pressure just slightly moves off shore. that will shift our winds little more out of the south and west, pump in some warmer
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air, 70 degrees by wednesday, 73 thursday. then we're in the mid 70s, no time, so by friday, saturday, highs feeling very pleasant outside. today, a-plus forecast for the kids, 44 degrees at the bus stop, so going to need to start the day with jacket, and that will be followed by sunday glasses, as we head into the afternoon with that abundant sunshine, high temperature still kind of on the cool side of thing. right around 61 degrees. so, we will see clear skies tonight. another night with chilly low temperatures. overnight low temperature, right around 46 degrees. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like this, look at the sunshine. all the way through the weekends. seventy-four friday. seventy-five saturday. seventy-four on sunday. meisha? >> look at all of that sunshine. yes, a little chillier, i got to say, i wore my winter jacket in this morning, but it is so nice to see all of that sun. thanks so much, chelsey. looking outside, 59 south at cottman shall push in the southbound direction coming around the s curve into center city. this is what you are working
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with. so i would say looking good. starting to heat levels little quicker than what we saw. i would say yesterday for those that didn't know we would have wet roadways, then they got caught in bumper to bumper traffic. so avoid, that get out earlier today. so we'll heat up levels which is what we're kind of seeing on the schuylkill as well. construction, schuylkill eastbound cleared between the conshohocken curve and belmont right lane compromised, it is still so dark out. blue route at ridge pike, taillights moving in the southbound direction again, both directions cents on the blue route, starting to heat up levels there as well. accident montgomery township, count you line road, richardson road. pull this to your attention, probably not slowing you down too much. heads up it is out there. and the pa turn peak east and westbound at bensalem. intermittent lane closures until 7:00 a.m. rahel, back to ever you. >> now a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> daily times: upper darby police are seek the public's help in identify ago man captured by surveillance camera, robbing a 7-eleven
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convenience store on garrett road sunday morning, suspect brandished semiautomatic firearm, fled with a undetermined amount of money. >> reports every co-founder of genuardi supermarket, has passed away at the age of 88. the last remaining genuardi sign came down in june of 2015 , several decades, the five genuardi brother built it into local supermarket dynasty >> the press of atlantic city, spca shell erring hogs cents will stop at the end of the year, the organization does not receive financial assistance from cumberland and salem county. nineteen municipalities in cumberland and salem count advice contract with the local spca. >> that's a look at the newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> coming up: senator john mccain is opening up about his health and his battle with cancer. we will have more from his within on one interview with jessica dean. >> also ahead: eagles pulling ahead in the nfc east, carson wentz is getting top ranking
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of a different sort. we'll explain next in sports.
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>> tennessee titans has beaten the end happen list colt for the first time in 11 tries. >> yes, and former eagle helped to get the job done for for the titans. murray, 22-19, for the touchdown run in the fourth quarter. then it was marcus, with the 53-yard touchdown pass, to taylor. wow. henry had career hi, 131 yards , on 19 carries. and the titans beat the colts, 36 to 22.
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and the eagles epp joying few extra days off before they take on washington here at home monday night. leslie advance arsdale caught up with jenkins. >> malcolm jenkins is leader on and off the field. malcolm controls the eagles secondary, during his off time is always giving back to the community. last night, malcolm held his fourth annual brit, bo ties and burbon event, at the union trust in center city. all of the proceeds go to his foundation for summer stem programs, 75 kids from west philadelphia, in conjunction with drexel university. the eagles right now tide for the best records in nfl. life so far good for the birds >> i made it great. obviously great start. we, you know, with all of the injuries that we, all of the road games, the good thing is we've had, you know, players step up that where the younger players or backups, step up and play a good role. we've had our eagles fan base step up, all of the road games , felt like home games. so, you know, we will keep pulling on everything to kind
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of play their part, it will be no different monday night whether we meet the redskins. >> welshing eagles fans know that carson wentz is the real deal. now the entire nation is noticing, according to dick's supporting goods carson has the number one selling jersey in the nfl pulling ahead of jack prescott. also, the eagles have the thirds overall best selling jersey behind the patriots and cowboys. wentz's jerseys and t-shirts have also top sellers on modell's. com and in their fors, that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> we can understands why everyone want that jersey. also the polls now open for this week's fry football frenzy game of the week. here are your choices: spring fields at garnet valley, williamstown at shawnee and coatesville at downs town east go to to cast your vote. we will announce the winner tomorrow night. >> flyers take on the florida panthers tonight in south philadelphia. and the sixers open one of their most anticipated season ons ever tomorrow night in washington against the wizards
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the yankees meanwhile are back in the american league championship series after routing the astros in a game number three. frazier got the yankees started with a three-run homerun, in the second inning. the astros won both of their games back home in texas, but they were never real any this one. this is the major league homerun leader aaron judge hit another yankees three run homer in the fourth. yankees win, game four is this afternoon. in the nlcs the dodgers and cubs at wrigley fields, dodgers lead the series two games to none. well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," why ford is telling the government to pump the brakes on a big recall. >> plus, we'll tell you what's expected to top lots of gift list this is holiday season, that's in a live report from wall street. also ahead: new technology could be coming to police departments across the country we will tell but these gun cameras, what critics say is wrong with them. >> then wild scene on the racetrack. find out why the police had to be called, and what happened
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once they arrived. chelsey? >> guys, it is never too early to start of course thinking about the weekends. here's look at what you can expect. keeping an eye on things, we're talking about more sunshine in the forecast, not just through the work week, but also into next weekends, as temperatures warm a little bit into the mid 70s, and low humidity, i'll have more coming up in your full forecast, be right
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>> good morning, first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute ment today is tuesday, september 17th. >> big fire in cherry hill forces people out of their homes in the middle of the night. >> three alarm fire. >> they're used to coming out praying when things happen, like this. but testify never east. >> i tragedy in wilmington, baby and five year old found dead inside a home, a mother now being questioned. >> caught on camera washings with a employee assaulted with hot coffee. now the search is on for


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